balance | renew skin

by Molly Fallon


Relax | Rejuvenate | Renew

In business as a Sole Practitioner since 2005, I am a Licensed Esthetician specializing in Clinical non-invasive skin therapy.  Focused on the esthetic of the skin, as well as, the matrix of the skins foundation. 

I have always loved receiving facials and spa treatments; so I keep that in mind when I take care of my clients.             

Comfort | Care | Knowledge | Experience along with the best products and protocols give my clients results which keeps them loyal.  I always say to keep clients coming back they must see results AND they must feel a positive connection. One without the other doesn’t work.

I never stop learning,  this is a true passion that I am able to pass onto my clients.  I am constantly taking online classes, going to classes, trying new products and protocols. I am a member of several Spa Boards and learn so much from my fellow Estheticians, from all across the globe. I subscribe to many trade publications and keep up on the latest ingredients and technology.  I know that I offer the best and most I can in my scope of practice.